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Classes with Carol Kapheim

With the expansion of the Kapheim Studio Building, I can announce the beginning of our textile school made possible through a gift from William and Elsie DeWeese. Below you will find a variety of weaving and knitting classes for individuals, groups, and even children's lessons.

Teaching about textiles is so important. The purpose of the school is to introduce a variety of equipment and textile skills from beginner to intermediate.  Classes will be announced on a regular schedule throughout the year. I frequently can customize classes and times to your personal schedule.

What's it all about?

Hand weaving has been part of our story throughout history.

In the 1930’s, there was a revival of interests in handlooms in our country. This enthusiasm continues to the present. In these classes you will learn to dress and use a loom. After the basic class you may go on to weave fabric for clothing, rugs, household items, and family heirlooms.

You will look at cloth in a whole new way.

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Classes are CUSTOMIZED for YOU based on your personal schedule.


Classes may run weekdays or weekends, morning or evening . You just need to schedule the necessary hours to complete the work.


You may partner with a friend, relative, or organize your own group. You may join others already weaving in the open studio hours.


Each class listing explains how many sessions are involved and the number of hours required to finish project. You set up your own calendar in collaboration with Carol.


To register or ask questions, contact:

Carol Kapheim at 847-373-2011 or email at:

Children's Groups (ages 8+)

I invite 4H leaders, Boy and Girl Scout leaders, Home Schoolers, Boys and Girls Clubs, Church Groups, even Environmental Groups to bring students to the studio for an adventure in textile creation and to explore ways of recycling old clothing and rags into wonderful products.

I can arrange classes specific to your group!

  1. Ways to recycle old items into new, meets environmental units

  2. Learn to weave a rag rug on historical looms, a product great for county fair

  3. Weave pot holders good enough to give as gifts

  4. Learn to weave with weird gadgets.

  5. Inkle Loom weaving - make a beautiful belt, guitar strap, bracelet or bookmarks.


Each of these classes would be customized for your group.  I will be happy to meet with group leaders to discuss fees and materials needed.

Classes are held at Kapheim Studio 122 Washington St., Waukegan, IL 60085


Beginner Weaving

Learn the basic stitches of knitting through swatches and finish by knitting a scarf of your own design.

Four 2-hour sessions.

Rags to Riches

In this class there will be a discussion of rag preparation and patterns. You must provide your own rags and cutting tools. Bring in old sheets, blue jeans, T-shirts, socks, tablecloths, unused sewing fabric - whatever you have. Rag balls will be prepared for weaving. One 5-hour session.

Weaving with Rags

Create something useful by weaving your prepared rags or recycled materials such as old sheets, blue jeans, towels, T-shirts, socks etc. Weave on a pre-warped loom to finish a rug, table runner, or chair pad. Two 5-hour sessions.

Beginning Tapestry

This is a class that will introduce the art of weaving pictures.  You will learn how to warp the loom, tapestry tools will be introduced, fibers will be discussed.  You will make one or two samplers depending on our progress.  There will also be instructions on finishing and removing work from a loom.

Knit a 24-hour Baby Sweater

Must know how to knit and purl. You will learn to use a circular needle, read a pattern, and block the finished garment. Two 3-hour sessions.

Knit Socks on a Magic Circular Wheel

This is a painless way to knit socks without double pointed needles.  This technique is more comfortable for people who prefer a simpler approach to making sock and understanding how to make them fit properly. Technique is also easier on arthritic issues.  Prerequisite:  Must be able to knit, purl increase, decrease. Four 2-hour sessions.

Weaving a Memory Rag Rug

Weaving a memory rug was a way of memorializing a friend or family member whose clothes were gathered and prepared for a rug of great sentiment.

In this class there will be a discussion of rag preparation and patterns.  After preparing your rags, you will go to a pre-warped loom to weave a rug.  Conference with teacher to determine time needed.

Intermediate Weaving

Pre-requisite for this class: You must know how to warp and dress a loom. This class will take your weaving skills a step further. Explore color, pattern, and technique.

Beginner Weaving for Two
(Adult and Child)

This beginning knitting class is for an adult accompanied by a child ages 10-14. You will learn all of the basic knitting stitches. Materials: Size 8 Needles and one worsted skein of yarn (Not VARIEGATED or dark colors). Four 2-hour sessions.

Inkle Loom Weaving

In this class you will learn to thread the loom, choose a pattern, and understand how to read it. You will select the band you would like to weave. All looms and materials will be provided.

Sectional Warping

This is a one day class, if interested you must sign on a waiting list. This is a one-time 5-hour session.

Meet Elizabeth Zimmerman - Design Your Own Sweaters to Fit!

This class is for people who already know how to knit but are tired of following patterns. The Elizabeth Zimmerman techniques empower you to create sweaters that fit as you knit your own creations.  Materials: pen/paper, ruler measuring tape.

Four 3-hour sessions.

Personal Knitting Coach

Did you start a knitting project a long time ago and get stuck?  Did you toss it to the back of the closet because the directions became impossible? Are you presently working on a project and are frustrated and have stopped knitting? For $10.00 an hour, you may hire a knitting coach to get you through the tough stops in the project.

Weave a Beautiful Table Runner in an Overshot Pattern

This project is woven on a pre-warped loom.  You choose the weft colors and weave a beautiful table linen by manipulating treadles and throwing the shuttles.  Threading will be done for you before you start, conference with teacher to determine time needed.

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