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Weaving with Carol Kapheim

With the expansion of the Kapheim Studio Building, I can announce the beginning of our textile school made possible through a gift from William and Elsie DeWeese.

The purpose of the school is to introduce a variety of equipment and textile skills from beginner to intermediate. Classes will be announced on a regular schedule throughout the year. Teaching about textiles is so important, I frequently can customize classes to your personal schedule.

What's it all about?

Hand weaving has always been part of our American story throughout our history.

In the 1930’s there was a revival of interests in handlooms in our country. This enthusiasm continues to the present. In these classes you will learn to dress and use a loom. After the basic class you may go on to weave fabric for clothing, rugs, household items, and family heirlooms.

You will look at cloth in a whole new way.

Beginning Weaving

Have some fun weaving on a four shaft loom. Students will learn how to use the loom, warp and dress the loom and plan projects. They will learn how to select fibers and read a pattern draft. Participants will be introduced to a variety of patterns. All students will create a sampler and a table runner as they work through the class. This is a beginning or refresher course for anyone who has always wanted to weave on a multi-harness loom. You will be given all of the basics that lead to independent weaving. 3)5 hour sessions. NOTE: This class may be taken by partners, sharing the tuition and the loom Material list provided at registration.


Intermediate Weaving

Pre-requisite for this class: You must know how to warp and dress a loom.

This class will take your weaving skills a step further. Explore color, pattern and technique. Working with the instructor you will set goals for your individual study in this class. Design and create a fabric, a useful product for your home or just explore pattern by creating a beautiful useable sampler. 3)5 hour sessions.


Weaving with Rags

Rag rug weaving has a long tradition in our country. It is a way of being thrifty, using what you have and recycling clothes and materials that would be thrown away; sheets, blue jeans, towels, t-shirts, socks. The bonus is creating something useful for your home.

Weaving a memory rug was a way of memorializing a friend or family member. Their clothes were gathered and prepared for a rug of great sentiment. A great keepsake.

Have you ever wanted to weave a rag rug? It is a two part class. Please bring a portable sewing machine. Or if you prefer you may sew at home.

  1. RAGS TO RICHES: In this class there will be a discussion of rag preparation and patterns. You must provide your own rags and cutting tools.
  2. Weaving With Rags: After preparing your rags you will go to a pre- warped loom to weave a small rug, table runner, or pillow or chair pad. . Discuss with teacher. 3)5 hour sessions. A supply list will be provided by the teacher.


Sectional Warping

In this class you will learn how to put on a sectional warp. You will learn by assisting the teacher warping studio rug looms. The class is only available when one of our rug looms is empty. This is a one day class, if interested you must sign on a waiting list. 1)5 hour session.


Inkle Loom Weaving

The inkle loom is fun! It is a simple loom, designed to be portable and versatile.

Its purpose is to weave straps, bracelets, belts and trims. If you need a guitar strap that is unique weave it on an Inkle loom. We know these looms have been used for ornamentation for 100’s of years.

In this class you will learn to thread the loom, choose a pattern and understand how to read it. You will select the band you would like to weave. All looms and materials will be provided. NOTE: This class may be taken by partners sharing the tuition and the loom. 2)5 hour sessions.


Loom Evaluation

If you have a loom that has been in your family and you would like to repair it so you can use it. We can evaluate the possibility of res restoring it to working condition. We would be happy to give you some guidance as you start the project. 1)2 hour class.